Zanzibar Herbal Clove Smokes - Chocolate (Single Pack)
Zanzibar Herbal Clove Smokes - Chocolate

Zanzibar Herbal Clove Smokes - Chocolate (Single Pack)

In Stock.
Quantity: 1 Pack of 20 Filtered Clove Cigars
Shape: Cigarillo

Are you looking for a tobacco alternative? Introducing a new dimension of flavor… Zanzibar is a new line of Non-Nicotine and Non-Tobacco Clove Smokes.
Zanzibar uses a unique blend of all-natural herbs and the finest Indonesian cloves to produce smooth aromatic draws. Our high-quality cigarette paper and filter simulate the experience of smoking traditional tobacco products, without the addictive presence of nicotine.

Experience the enchantment of Zanzibar in four alluring blends viz: Black, Menthol, Cherry and Chocolate.

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