Why use a humidor?

As we know, the passage of time affects the taste and aroma of a cigar. Especially the flavors and aromas of the premium ones, because to make the long filler, characteristic of these cigars, whole tobacco leaves are used that are rolled while it is still wet. This means that to ensure that the leaves that make up the bond evolve satisfactorily, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of relative humidity.


A place whose humidity is maintained between 68% and 75% provides the ideal environment to allow the mixture of the different aromas and essential oils of the cigars. That is exactly what a humidor does.


What and how is a humidor?

A humidor is a closed container that incorporates a controllable humidification system in order to maintain the level of humidity required to keep cigars in perfect condition. The relative humidity level inside a humidor is measured with a hygrometer, and both analog and digital, can achieve an exact level of precision within certain ranges.


Although nowadays they are made of various materials, their internal walls must be lined with some type of wood that absorbs moisture, so that the small fluctuations that occur when opening and closing them can be compensated. There are many sizes and shapes, but it is very important to select the appropriate size for the number of cigars you plan to store since they should not be cluttered or with a lot of space between them.


Another function that humidors fulfill is to protect cigars from external odors, since tobacco absorbs the smells and flavors of the environment with great ease.


Does it require any special maintenance?

Although the care required by a humidor is very little, it is important to check the humidity level with some regularity and if it is very low, it is necessary to refill it. Electronic humidors emit a light or sound signal when it is necessary to refill them, but with the others you have to be vigilant and check the hygrometer frequently, especially during the colder months, when the humidity levels are drier and the system humidifier consumes more liquid.


It is very important to know that a humidor in good condition and with its humidification system working properly, will allow you to store cigars for many years, as long as you manage to maintain enough space for proper air circulation, which is key to conservation of the internal environment. 

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