Why does a cigar and a coffee make such a good match?

If you like to enjoy a good cigar, surely you already know the experience of combining it with a delicious coffee. The reason is that this association is complemented naturally for various motives that, beyond the seductive aromas that emanate from both products, also refer to the presence, in its preparation, of similar geographical, productive and cultural conditions.

For example, both cigars and coffee are grown in geographically analogous territories with comparable topologies. It is interesting to know that most of these territories are located in a zone of the world known as the “Coffee Belt”, between the Tropic of Cancer (23.5° north of the equator) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23. 5° south of the equator). In this strip, which includes Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and South Asia, in addition to finding the best conditions for growing coffee beans, the best soils for growing tobacco are also located.

Although it is true that the flavors of coffee and tobacco will depend on the place and conditions of the crops, both products will contain mostly earthy tones, spicy touches and slight acid qualities. This implies that their combination is capable of providing a wonderfully harmonious range of flavors and aromas that interact and complement themselves, enhancing each other.

How to achieve the best combination?

As we pointed out in our recent article on the combination of cigars and rums,[1] the secret seems to be in mixing flavors and fragrances, "keeping in mind the criterion that both the cigar and the drink must have enough aromatic intensity in themselves so that when they come together, the qualities of the other are kept intact”.

Therefore, a simple way to harmonize the special experience of savoring a cigar with a coffee is to follow these tips:

  • If your cigar is smooth and sweet, you should choose a light roast coffee, so that the flavors do not interfere each other and the result is favorable.
  • The ideal companion for a lightly spiced or nutty cigar could be a coffee with a nutty medium roast or a touch of cocoa.
  • The strongest cigars are balanced very well with a strong and full-bodied coffee because the acid nuances of both are better highlighted.

As with cigars, there is an immense range of types of coffee, with very different aromas and flavors, and if you want to live that experience to the fullest, it will be key to find the type of coffee that perfectly matches that cigar you are wanting to try.

This means that it is useful to have expert guidance to ensure that the partner we try is the ideal one. The good news is that we found a page that offers an interesting guide to inform us about some of the best combinations of cigars and coffees that can be tried.

You can review it at the following link: https://bespokeunit.com/cigars/best/coffee/

[1] Cigars and rums. A perfect pairing


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