What do you know about García y Vega cigars?

García y Vega is one of the favorite brands of machine-made cigar smokers.

It was founded in 1882 in New York City by the Asturian immigrant Álvaro García Longo, with the name of García & González Cigar Co. Two years later, when José Vega, another Asturian immigrant, joined the firm, the name was changed to García & Vega Cigar Co.

In 1907 they built a new cigar factory in West Tampa, a typical three-story brick building, and in 1970 it was sold to Villazón & Co. Inc. Today, the building can be seen in good condition, and Oliva Cigar Co. still uses it to make cigars.

Currently, the company started by José Vega and Álvaro García produces by machine, at its headquarters in the Dominican Republic, the most popular cigars with natural packaging on the US market.

They are cigars made with short filling Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed, homogenized tobacco leaf binder and high-quality genuine wrappers, which can be Cameroon, Connecticut or Mexico. All have been aged to produce their distinctive and popular flavor and captivating aroma, and display two of the most recognized qualities of García Y Vega cigars: consistency and smoothness.

Of course, the most notable benefit of machine-made cigars such as those from García y Vega is that they are considerably cheaper than those made by hand, although in this case it is also worth noting that their quality, maintained over time, is a guarantee that most cigar smokers value.

In addition to classic cigars such as the García y Vega Corona that, with their body and flavor, have sustained the reputation of García y Vega, this manufacturer continues to add new and attractive cigars to its extensive line of machine-rolled products.

One of them is the Natural García y Vega 1882, a sweet and aromatic cigar whose natural wrapper conveys a classic cigar sensation. The 1882 is one of the latest additions to the company's list of cigars and was manufactured with the intention of commemorating the year in which production began. The 1882 is a smooth cigar with an aged broad leaf and an all-natural short fill, with a mild flavor that makes smoking it a real pleasure.

With the intention of adapting to contemporary trends, García y Vega has also introduced a line of flavored small cigars, which has become one of its most popular offerings: the García y Vega Game, slow-burning and sweetly aromatic cigarillos. This line started in 2007, and some of the available flavors are vanilla, white grape and peach.

They have also developed an interesting line of small classics, miniature cigars with a natural wrapper that offer the traditional flavor of a full-size cigar, but in a reduced dimension, more in line with the demands of today's faster pace of life.

These excellent cigars are widely available in our store. We invite you to review it. 

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