What You Need to Know About Captain Black Cigars

Captain Black Little Cigars is a brand owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, a company with a long history in the tobacco industry.

A Bit of History

The Captain Black brand began over 50 years ago, initially producing only pipe tobacco, which it sold in many countries worldwide. The company that produced them was called Lane Limited, and since its inception in 1973, it quickly became the top-selling pipe tobacco in the United States market.

Nearly two decades later, in the early 1990s, they decided to continue advancing and launched a new presentation of Captain Black tobacco in the form of filtered cigars. In 1998, they started producing plastic-tipped cigars called Captain Black Tipped Cigars, and also a sweet version called Captain Black Little Cigars. These were made from a special blend of Burley and Flu cured tobaccos from Africa, Brazil, Bulgaria, and the Orient, infused with a wide variety of flavors.

These tipped cigars opened doors to new international markets, becoming particularly popular in Russia and Canada.

In 2011, Scandinavian Tobacco Group acquired Lane Limited and, after repositioning and redesigning, Captain Black Tipped Cigars successfully entered numerous countries worldwide. A year later, they began manufacturing Captain Black Little Cigars, which quickly established themselves as a choice for a sweet and smooth smoking experience, distinguished by their distinctive and recognizable aroma that provides a memorable and enjoyable sensory experience.

Captain Black Little Cigars

Captain Black Little Cigars are typically presented in packs of 20 units, featuring an elegant and sophisticated design. They are slightly larger than traditional cigarettes but smaller than standard cigars, using a high-quality natural wrapper that contributes to even burning and a consistent smoking experience.

Each little cigar, measuring 3? inches long with a ring gauge of 20, contains a wide range of selected tobaccos from some of the world's most fertile regions, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and the United States. Each piece is wrapped in a tobacco-infused wrapper leaf, ensuring even combustion and a smooth finish.


Captain Black Little Cigars are available in five flavors: classic varieties including Sweet, Filters, and Vanilla, and two fruity flavors like Cherry and Peach Rum:

  • Sweet: Mild and sweet in flavor, with a consistent aroma.
  • Filters: Robust and flavorful, offering the same rich and exquisite tobacco blend that has made Captain Black renowned worldwide.
  • Vanilla: Infused with rich vanilla extract, providing a soothing aromatic tip.
  • Sweet Cherry: Carefully blended and infused to deliver a rich cherry flavor throughout.
  • Peach Rum: This sweet-flavored tobacco offers the smooth sensation of holding a daiquiri. An exotic blend for the adventurous smoker.


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