Vaquero Filtered Cigars Menthol
Vaquero Filtered Cigars Menthol

Vaquero Filtered Cigars Menthol

In Stock.
Quantity: 10 Packs of 20 / Carton
Size: 3 7/8 x 20
Shape: Cigarillo
Made in: USA.

Manufactured by Miami-based brand Sunshine Tobacco, the Vaquero Filtered Cigars have been satisfying smokers’ needs since 2007 with a plethora of delectably flavored filtered, small cigars for every occasion.  These guys have managed to produce a line that is simply stunning in quality, yet they keep their prices low so that fans can stock up without breaking the bank.  The flavors that they offer are simply irresistible, whether you crave juicy fruits, smooth vanilla or the classic, ever-satisfying taste of smooth, rich tobacco.  These mild-bodied gems are certain to enhance the collection of any avid tobacco enthusiast.

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