NUB: An innovative concept from Oliva

NUB cigars are a creation of the Oliva family, renowned for their expertise in the tobacco industry. Oliva Cigars, based in Nicaragua, a brand widely recognized for producing high-quality cigars with Nicaraguan tobacco, developed and introduced to the market, in 2008, an innovative concept in handmade cigars aiming to capture the essence of flavor immediately upon lighting and throughout the entire smoking experience.

Unlike conventional cigars, where one typically has to wait for the flavor to develop and evolve, usually occurring between one to two inches, the goal was to create a cigar that reached its optimal point from the start and remained there until the end. After working with numerous blends and sizes, the distinctive feature of NUB was decided: its compact and robust format capable of providing an intense experience from the first puff to the last.

The name "NUB" precisely means transforming the entire cigar into the essential; enjoying immediately and throughout the smoking time what would be the core, where the qualities of the blend and the characteristic flavor of the cigar concentrate.

As expected, the master blenders also excelled in their work, ensuring the quality of each blend from the excellent Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos wrapped in five different layers—Connecticut, Habano, Maduro, Cameroon, and Double Maduro—all capable of accentuating the flavors and qualities of their excellent blends and offering a unique smoking experience.

The first of the NUB series introduced to the market was the Connecticut, followed by others in subsequent years, all with tremendous market success. Since then, NUB has experimented with a variety of vitolas ranging from 3 3/4" by 58 ring gauge to 4" by 66, although its classic format is the 4" by 60.

In our store, you will find available in various formats two of the most esteemed wrappers from this prestigious brand:

NUB Cameroon 460: A medium-bodied cigar with rich notes of oak, cedar, and coffee, giving it an intense yet very pleasant aroma, making it considered one of the best-smelling cigars on the market. The Cameroon wrapper, originating from Africa, is known for its oily appearance and fine texture, contributing unique flavors, including spices, earthiness, and sweetness. Despite being bold cigars, they harmonize perfectly with a certain sweetness, leaving an intriguing spicy flavor at the end. The inhalation is excellent, and the smoke is smooth as butter on the tongue, with hints of leather and spices. This type of wrapper is often found in medium-strength cigars.

NUB Habano 460: A cigar with robust and complex flavor, largely derived from Cuban seed leaf cultivated in Ecuador, lush and oily, used to wrap its bulky core of entirely Nicaraguan long-fillers. Expect spicy, earthy, and sometimes woody notes with a rich and creamy character. These bold cigars have resonated positively among enthusiasts seeking something different and exciting in the world of premium tobacco. The combination of distinctive size and tobacco quality has established NUB as a unique choice in the cigar market, and some of its varieties have even received accolades and high ratings in tobacco industry reviews, highlighting the quality and craftsmanship behind their production.

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