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Shapes and sizes of the cigar. How do they affect its taste?

A question frequently asked by many of those who start in the world of tobacco is: how do the various shapes and sizes of cigars affect its flavor?

The truth is that this question does not have a single answer, not even among the most knowledgeable experts. One of the reasons is that, as in most things when it comes to tobacco, subjectivity plays a relevant role, which means that there are very many opinions on the subject, and even that some of them are contradictory.

However, after extensive review, in this short article we will discuss the ones that were most relevant to us and suited to our goal of providing essential information to our readers.

Many expert smokers claim that the larger formats in thickness and length, provide more flavor and a fresher smoke, due to the greater variety of mixtures and the more complex and extended smoke that they allow. They consider that the smoker lives a more complete experience because the cigar burns slowly, producing a greater amount of smoke wisps that fill the palate with a great intensity of aromas and flavors, which blend harmoniously.

In contrast to this opinion, there are those who assure that the greater caliber of the tobacco tends to affect the quality of the combustion, since if the mixture is too tight it prevents the smoke from moving through the cigar, making it difficult to suck and even reaching its turning off, while if it is too loose it allows too much smoke to pass which overheats the cigar and causes a bitter taste.

With regard to the smaller formats, many agree that the thinner the cigar, the more intense and pungent the flavor, because the stronger tobacco tends to dominate over the others, since by burning more quickly, the flavors are concentrated on the tongue.

Another question whose answer is contradictory depending on who holds is, how much does the capa or wrapper add to the flavor? In this case, opinions tend to be sharp: for some, the packaging is decisive in the flavor and, for many others, the importance of this leaf has to do with the aesthetics and flexibility of the cigar, while its contribution to the flavor is very small. Those who hold the former tend to prefer thin cigars because the ratio between the filler tobacco and the wrapper is favorable to the latter, and vice versa.

What they all agree on is that the color of the cigar is not an indicator of how strong or mild its flavor may be, as some beginners tend to believe.

Once again we confirm that the world of tobacco is vast and complex and that those opinions, to a large extent, are subjective.

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