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Most popular formats[1]

As we offered in the previous article, today we will comment on the main formats used to make cigars, which are also the most popular.

Some of these formats are known both by their factory name (vitola de galera) and by their popular name, so to avoid confusion we will record both. 

·      Mareva

Popular name: Petit Corona

Dimensions: 129 mm x 16.67 mm diameter (51/8 inches x ring gauge 42).

It's basically a miniature Corona and can also be found with a ring gauge 40. This caliber allows three filler leaves to be used in the blend and is considered by some to be the "standard" ring gauge cigar. It takes approximately 30 minutes to burn. Example: Montecristo No. 4


·      Corona

Popular name: Corona

Dimensions: 142 mm x 16.67 mm in diameter (55/8 inch x ring gauge 42).

Usually used as a reference for measuring other sizes. It can also be found with a ring gauge 44 and takes a little over half an hour to burn. Example: Montecristo No. 3


·      Juliet No. 2

Popular name: Churchill

Dimensions: 178 mm x 18.65 mm diameter (7 inches x ring gauge 47).

This is a large-format cigar, which was originally made at the Romeo y Julieta Habanos factory. It is said that this format was Winston Churchill's favorite, from whom it took its popular name. It takes more than an hour to consume. Example: Romeo y Julieta Churchill.


·      Laguito No.1

Popular name: Lancero

Dimensions: 192 mm x 15.08 mm diameter (71/2 inches x ring gauge 38).

It is a long, slender and elegant cigar, which is why some say that when it comes to elegance, the fine length of a Lancero cannot be matched. The way its knob ends is characteristic of this format, which takes about an hour to burn. Example: Cohiba Lancero.


·      Robusto

Popular name: Robusto

Dimensions: 124 mm x 19.84 mm diameter (4 7/8 inches x ring gauge 50).

This short, thick cigar has become the most popular size of tobacco in the United States and is often the first choice of many experienced smokers. Although the original 50 ring gauge size can range from 48 to 52. It has a great flavor and can take 30 to 40 minutes to burn. Example: Cohiba Robusto


·      Pyramid

Popular name: Torpedo

Dimensions: 156 mm x 20.64 mm in diameter (6 1/8 inches x ring gauge 52).

Pyramids are cigars with cut feet and sharp pointed heads. Many consider that by having a tapered head, a Pyramid allows the cigar's complex flavors to melt in the mouth and offers advantages when it comes to combustibility. The time required to smoke it is about an hour. Example: Cohiba Millennium.


[1] This classification may vary slightly depending on the source consulted. The one we have adopted here is based on the information on www.habanos.com/es/ and, in some cases, we have integrated it with that provided by www.cigaraficionado.com
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