Have you tried the Al Capone cigars?

Al Capone is a line of small, handcrafted cigars known for their premium quality. The manufacturer is Dannemann, a renowned international tobacco group with unique tobacco plantations in America and Asia, as well as traditional manufacturing plants worldwide. Although the company is a giant in the global tobacco industry with numerous cigar brands on the market, Al Capone is their only brand of small cigars designed for a pleasurable and quick smoking experience. They are named, as you might expect, after the infamous gangster Al Capone, a prominent figure in organized crime in Chicago during Prohibition in the 1920s.

Craftsmanship: These mild to medium-strength cigarillos are made in Honduras with select fillers composed of tobacco leaves from Brazil and three different Nicaraguan regions: Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega. Al Capone cigars measure 3½ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 20, allowing for a short smoke that draws perfectly and burns very consistently. They are wrapped in a Bahia leaf, which is soaked in rum or cognac during the manufacturing process. This beautiful leaf, originating from Brazil, is cultivated until it reaches its peak maturity under conditions that provide just the right amount of sunlight, rain, and fertile soil. These cigars undergo a process that includes air curing, fermentation, and a unique immersion process in rum, cognac, sugar, or menthol. This procedure is responsible for imparting the cigars with their famous sweet flavor.

Flavors: Perfect for quick breaks during the day, they come in various flavors and aromas, making them a versatile choice that can adapt to any palate and provide a different experience depending on the selection. Many of these fillers have been infused with delicious flavors that appeal to different types of smokers. From mild and sweet to bold and full-bodied, there is a flavor for everyone. For those seeking something mild and sweet, they are available in vanilla, mint, rum, and cognac. Those attracted to a distinctive flavor experience will be delighted with the Jamaican Blaze, loaded with the famous rum from that tropical island.

What makes them unique: Unlike typical cigarettes, they contain more than 3 grams of tobacco, providing an authentic cigar experience in just 10-15 minutes. These small Honduran masterpieces bring together quality, eye-catching design, and highly appealing flavors at an affordable price, all of which are reflected in a product that you'll fall in love with instantly. That's why they are popular worldwide, both among seasoned smokers and beginners. For several decades, they have been one of the best-selling cigars in the United States.

In our store, they are available in various versions, both with and without a filter. We invite you to check availability


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