Have you already tried an Oliva cigar?

Oliva is the best-selling premium cigar brand in Nicaragua, and to a large extent, the growing recognition of that country as a great producer of excellent quality tobacco is due to it.

Although its great popularity in the US market does not reach three decades, the brand has a long history dating back to 1886, when Melanio Oliva, its founder, grew his first tobacco crop in Pinar del Río, Cuba in 1886.

From then until the early 1960s, interrupted for a few years as a result of the island's War of Independence, they grew tobacco in the Cuban fields. When the communist regime of Fidel Castro came to power and began to exert pressure on private producers, they decided to leave Cuba to seek land similar to Cubans in other countries such as Honduras, Panama, Mexico and even the Philippines. Finally, they settled in Nicaragua, where they found soils with the conditions that would allow them to reproduce the distinctive Cuban taste to which they were accustomed.

In 1995 they founded Oliva Cigar Co., and before opening their own plant, they made cigars at Nestor Plasencia's factory in Nicaragua. Keeping intact their traditional methods of curing, mixing and rolling, they managed to rebuild their great prestige and became one of the largest Cuban seed tobacco growers in Nicaragua, with huge farms located throughout the Nicaraguan territory.

During that last decade of the 20th century, when many producers were expelled from the market due to the reaction of the giants of the industry in the face of the increase in demand, they managed to respond to the market thanks to the large stock of tobacco they had produced and that were aging in its warehouses in Nicaragua.

By 2005, the Oliva Cigar Co., produced 6 million cigars a year and had become the second largest tobacco producer in Nicaragua. In just four years they managed to expand their operations so rapidly that by 2009 they were producing 13 million cigars, which meant more than double their 2005 production. At that time, they were using tobacco grown by themselves in more than four locations in that Central American country.

Since then, they have won countless awards from both the industry and consumers, and in 2014, Cigar Aficionado magazine awarded their Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado cigar the coveted “Cigar of the Year” from its prestigious annual rating.

In 2016, Oliva was bought by J. Cortès Cigars NV, a Belgian company that specializes in machine-made cigars. By that time, they were hand-making between 15 and 16 million cigars a year, with 95% of them sold to the US market. With this purchase they acquired a wide variety of fine, premium, handcrafted cigars, including Oliva Connecticut Reserve, creamy and smooth, with a smooth to medium body; the medium bodied G and O Series and the V Series also known as Special Light, best described for its unique combination of flavors is "smooth". All available in our store in its various formats Churchill, Robusto, Toro, Doble Toro and Torpedo.

A little over two months ago, it was known that Oliva Cigar Co., acquired the legendary Cuba Aliados, Puros Indios and Roly brands, owned by the Reyes family, who since 1990 have helped put Honduras on the map of premium cigar producers. Three brands that are very popular in the US market and have a large loyal following.

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