Dutch Masters Cigars President Box
Dutch Masters Cigars President Box

Dutch Masters Cigars President Box

In Stock.
Quantity: 50 Cigars
Size: 5 5/8 x 40
Manufacturer: Altadis

Dutch Masters continues to prove that high-quality, luxurious smokes don’t need to break the bank.  The Dutch Masters Cigars President provides you with an experience that feels and tastes high-end, yet is incredibly affordable.  From Puerto Rico, these cigars use Cuban seed tobacco that’s known for its rich and smooth taste, and the mellow flavor certainly isn’t lacking in terms of nuance.  You’ll love the silkiness and slight sweetness of these smokes while you savor the mellow body of the tobacco itself.  Each cigar is wrapped in a natural wrapper, and due to the affordable nature, you’ll feel eager to enjoy them anywhere and anytime.

Dutch Masters continúa demostrando que los humos lujosos y de alta calidad no necesitan ser costosos. El Dutch Masters Cigars President Box le brinda una experiencia que se siente y tiene un sabor de alta gama pero a un precio increíblemente asequible. Estos tabacos de Puerto Rico usan tabacos de semillas cubanas conocidos por su sabor rico y suave pleno de matices. Te encantará la dulzura sedosa y leve de estos humos mientras saboreas el meloso cuerpo del tabaco. Cada puro está cubierto por una envoltura natural y, debido a su bajo precio, te sentirás deseoso por disfrutarlos en cualquier lugar y momento.

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