Dutch Masters Cigarillos Foil Russian Cream
Dutch Masters Cigarillos Foil Russian Cream

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Foil Russian Cream

Not for Sale.
Quantity: 30 Foil Pouches of 2 Each

Strength: Mild

Manufacturer: Altadis

Size: 4 1/2 x 28


• Wrapper: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

• Filler: Cuban Seed Tobaccos

• Binder: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

• Made in Puerto Rico

Dutch Masters is one of those cigar manufacturers that never disappoints.  For decades, they’ve maintained the same level of exceptional quality while so many other manufacturers have faltered.  And, among their most popular offerings is the Dutch Masters Cigarillos, a small cigar that’s packed with mouthwatering flavor.  The Cuban seed tobacco provides an intoxicatingly smooth and satisfying smoke, meaning that after every puff, you’ll certainly be licking your lips.  Produced in Puerto Rico, these cigarillos have a mild body and a natural wrapper.

Why Dutch Masters Cigarillos?

When you want to try new machine-made cigars and tobacco-related products, Dutch Masters is a great option. These machine-rolled cigars offer distinctive packaging features, including cool boxes and foil wrappers. They are a natural wrapped small cigar that never disappoints.

Benefits of Buying Dutch Masters Cigarillos Online

There are many benefits to buying this popular cigar brand online. For one thing, you can get a bulk quantity and save money. Buying natural leaf tobacco and rolling papers online is also convenient, because you can have your favorite cigarillos delivered to your door and also try new brands and flavors.

Flavors and Varieties of Dutch Masters Cigarillos

Dutch Masters offers interesting cigar flavors wrapped in natural tobacco leaves, including flavors such as chocolate and honey. Dutch Masters is also one of the few cigar manufacturers that produces cigars with java or mint infusion.

We sell cigars for every type of cigar smoker. If you haven’t experienced Dutch Masters small cigars and their wide range of flavors, order online today and give them a try!

Dutch Masters es uno de esos fabricantes de tabacos que nunca decepciona. Durante décadas ha mantenido el mismo nivel de calidad excepcional, mientras que muchos otros competidores han fallado. Entre sus ofertas más populares, se encuentra el Dutch Masters Cigarillos Foil Crema Dolce, un pequeño tabaco pleno de un delicioso sabor. El tabaco de semillas cubanas proporciona un humo embriagadoramente suave y satisfactorio, mientras que el perfil de sabor es idéntico al dulce de leche, lo que significa que después de cada bocanada, sin duda, te lamerás los labios. Producidos en Puerto Rico, estos tabacos tienen un cuerpo suave y una envoltura natural.

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