Djarum Filtered Clove Cigars Special
Djarum Filtered Clove Special

Djarum Filtered Clove Cigars Special

In Stock.
Quantity: 10 Packs of 12 Filtered Clove Cigars
Shape: Cigarillo
Manufacturer: Djarum
Made in: Indonesia
Size:  3 ? x 24

Djarum Filtered Clove Cigars are nothing short of legendary, satisfying tobacco enthusiasts’ cravings for decades.  Since 1951, these tasty cigars have been invigorating the palates of cigarette smokers and experienced tobacco connoisseurs alike.  And, over the decades, the brand has managed to maintain the same level of exceptional quality for which they were known originally.  The spicy clove flavor makes these cigars tough to put down, and the fact that they provide a quick yet flavorful smoke makes them great for enjoying at any point during the day and anywhere as well.  Plus, they’re extremely affordable for the incredible quality.

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