Deans Large Filtered Cigars Peach
Deans Large Cigars Peach

Deans Large Filtered Cigars Peach

In Stock.
Quantity: 10 Packs of 20/Carton
Size: Cigarillo
Strength: Mild

Filtered cigars are making a huge comeback these days as cigar enthusiasts like the low-commitment nature of them, while cigarette users find them more affordable and more flavorful.  And, no one produces filtered cigars quite like Deans.  The Deans Large Filtered Cigars have a legendary reputation for being intensely flavorful and for being larger than the rest, which means more time enjoying that magnificent taste.  The body is mild and the berry flavor is satisfying without being overpowering or sickeningly sweet, and the quality of the tobacco cannot be denied.  Each pack contains twenty filtered cigars.

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