Cigarettes and filtered cigars. What is the difference?

There are such significant differences between filtered cigars and cigarettes that perhaps it could be said that the only thing they have in common is that they are both made with tobacco and that most cigarettes contain filters. Here are some of the differences that stand out the most:

Tobacco content:

·      Cigarettes: they usually contain chopped tobacco, which can be a mixture of different types of tobacco, which do not undergo fermentation or aging processes. They are designed to be inhaled into the lungs, which means that the smoke is inhaled directly. In addition to tobacco, cigarettes contain numerous potentially harmful chemicals (benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic) that are present in the smoke.

·      Filtered cigars: These are made from whole tobacco leaves, which have often been aged. They are usually not inhaled into the lungs, but are savored in the mouth and exhaled. Filter cigars are a variant of traditional cigars that incorporate a filter similar to that of cigarettes to reduce the amount of particles that reach the mouth.Principio del formulario

Manufacturing process:

·      Cigarettes: these are industrial products that are manufactured in large quantities using machines. Tobacco is cut and mixed with other ingredients and then rolled in thin paper.

·      Filtered cigars: Cigars are artisanal products that are manufactured by hand or in specialized cigar machines. Tobacco leaves are selected and rolled into a cylindrical shape without the use of paper.


·      Cigarettes: They use a paper wrapper.

·      Filtered cigars: Use a natural tobacco leaf or a homogenized tobacco leaf wrapper.

Flavor and taste:

·      Cigarettes: apart from menthol, in many countries there are restrictions and even bans on using flavorings to enhance the taste of cigarettes, because they can mask the harshness of the smoke and attract younger users.

·      Filtered cigars: Although some offer natural flavors that come from the tobacco leaves used in their manufacture, they are often available in a wide variety of flavors including fruit, chocolate, vanilla, honey or liqueurs, including exotic blends.


·      Cigarettes: Cigarettes are smoked quickly and are usually completely consumed in one sitting, often in a matter of minutes. They are most common among regular smokers.

·      Filtered Cigars: Cigars are enjoyed slowly and generally last much longer than a cigarette due to the denser tobacco and slower burning rate. They are more suitable for moments of relaxation and are often associated with special celebrations.

Regulation and Taxation:

·      Cigarettes: In many countries, they usually face stricter regulations and higher tax rates compared to cigars. In the United States, each state imposes a tax on cigarettes.

·      Filtered cigars: In some regions, they may be subject to a lower tax rate which may make them more affordable. In the United States, they are classified under the category of all other cigars, which frees them completely from the taxes that overtax cigarettes.

Health Effects:

Both, cigarettes and filtered cigars contain tobacco and nicotine, which can lead to health problems if consumed in excess. However, the fact that cigars are not typically inhaled into the lungs may decrease the risk of lung disease compared to cigarettes.


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