Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Grape
Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Grape

Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Grape

In Stock.

Quantity: 10 Packs of 20

Size: 3 7/8 x 20

Strength: Mild

Manufacturer: Cheyenne International.

Made in: North Carolina, USA

The Cheyenne Filtered Cigars are a great choice among cigarette users as well as cigar enthusiasts who are craving something a little different and something that’s a bit more low-maintenance.  They arrive in packs that are very similar to those which contain cigarettes.  Because they’re filtered, you don’t have to worry about bits of loose tobacco getting into your mouth while you try to enjoy your session.  And, the American-grown tobacco allows for a super smooth smoke that’s never overpowering or unpleasant in terms of overwhelmingly complex flavor.  You can choose from a great variety of flavors based on what it is that you crave.

Los Cheyenne Filtered Cigars son una excelente opción entre los amantes y conocedores de tabacos que anhelan algo sofisticado pero de bajo mantenimiento. Viene en paquetes muy similares a los que contienen cigarrillos y, debido a que tienen filtro, podrá disfrutar de su fumada sin preocuparse por los molestos pedacitos de tabaco que se desprenden normalmente de un puro. Estos tabacos, cultivados en los Estados Unidos, permiten un humo súper suave que nunca es abrumador o desagradable. Puede elegir entre una gran variedad de sabores en función de lo que anhela.


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