Chevere Small Cigarillos
Chevere Small Cigarillos

Chevere Small Cigarillos

In Stock.
Quantity: 50 Small Cigarillos
Size: 31/8 x 23
Manufacturer: Villiger
Made in: Ireland

The Chevere Small Cigarillos have the distinction of being manufactured in Ireland, and many top cigar enthusiasts rave about the stunning flavor profile that each one possesses.  It’s hard to deny that these are among the most luxurious of all of the small cigarillos on the market, and after just one puff, you’ll understand why they remain a delicacy among tobacco connoisseurs around the world.  The secret recipe has remained in the family for decades, but what we can tell you is that these provide you with an unparalleled smoke in terms of smoothness, quality and overall flavor. These little European cigars are well known as a miniature delicacy all over the world.

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