Black & Mild Casino Cigars Box $0.99 Pre-Priced
Black & Mild Casino Cigars Box $0.99 Pre-Priced

Black & Mild Casino Cigars Box $0.99 Pre-Priced

Not for Sale.
Quantity: 25 Cigars
Strength: Mild
Manufacturer: John Middleton's
Size: 5 x 30
¥ Wrapper: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
¥ Filler: Pipe Tobacco
¥ Binder: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
¥ Machine Made in Puerto Rico

Black & Mild Cigars have been around for seemingly ages, and it’s hard to not see why.  Throughout generations, these small cigars have provided countless people with the satisfying smokes that they crave.  These small, low-maintenance smokes are legendary for their highly aromatic and layered flavor profiles that are reminiscent of a high-end pipe tobacco, only without all of the effort of dealing with the maintenance of smoking fine tobacco out of a pipe.  Another thing that makes these cigars such a great option is that they provide all of the satisfaction that you desire without the high price tag. 

Los tabacos Black & Mild han existido durante siglos, y es fácil ver el porqué. A lo largo de las generaciones, estos pequeños tabacos han proporcionado a innumerables personas los humos satisfactorios que anhelan. Esos humos de bajo mantenimiento son legendarios por sus perfiles de sabor en capas, altamente aromáticos, que recuerdan los tabacos de pipa de alta gama, sin el esfuerzo que significa fumar tabaco en una pipa. Otra cosa que hace que estos tabacos sean una excelente opción es que brindan toda la satisfacción que deseas a bajo precio.

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