Backwoods. Popular cigars with a rustic appearance.

The history of Backwoods Cigars spans over 50 years. Originally called Backwoods Smokes, the company started as a cigarette manufacturer in 1973. Although they were highly successful, due to regulations limiting advertising on radio and television, they decided to discontinue cigarette production and focused on making cigars.

They took the flavor that had become so popular and introduced it nationally in 1981. Since then, they have become very popular, to the point that today they can be found in almost every convenience store, gas station, or tobacco shop.

Backwoods Cigars are not handmade cigars. Although they are wrapped in a natural tobacco leaf, their manufacturing process is less artisanal. They are made using a rolling technique that combines chopped or shredded tobacco leaves instead of whole leaves, a manufacturing method that allows for more efficient production at a lower cost compared to handmade cigars. They often have a looser construction and a smaller size compared to premium cigars; however, they are very popular among smokers due to their distinctive flavors and affordable prices.

To give them their distinctive conical shape and furry base, to acquire the appearance of classic cigars from the American Wild West, special rolling machines are used, and a genuine and complete Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is used, a rarity for machine-made brands that commonly use an HTL wrapper.

Each Backwoods cigar is manufactured and distributed by Altadis U.S.A., the same manufacturer of famous handmade cigar brands like Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and H. Upmann. They are the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts, especially for those who are constantly on the move. Their smaller size makes them ideal for squeezing in a quick and tasty smoke during work breaks, running errands, working in the garden, or any activity that would make enjoying a full-size premium cigar unfeasible.

Backwoods come in resealable aluminum bags that help keep the cigars fresh and ensure that when the time is right to enjoy it, your Backwoods cigar is in the best condition.

With a wide variety of flavors capable of satisfying any palate, Backwoods stand out from the rest. Honey Bourbon and Russian Cream flavors will always be an excellent choice. Prefer something sweet? Their wide range of honey-infused flavors with fruity or beer nuances will satisfy your sweet tooth: Honey Berry has a sweet tone combined with fresh mixed berries, while Backwoods Honey flavor focuses on the distinctly sweet taste of honey. You may also want to try our Black & Sweet Aromatic, Sweet Aromatic, or Backwoods Original.

Additionally, you can enjoy a craft range that incorporates the flavor of some of the most popular "isolated" alcoholic beverages, with a touch of richness and boldness, such as Black Russian and Dark Stout. These options, resembling the rich coffee flavor of a cocktail and the dark smoothness of a strong beer, will fill your day with flavor. If you prefer your cigarettes to be traditional and old school and never tire of that rich tobacco flavor, then Original Backwoods are the cigarettes for you.

No matter which flavor of Backwoods Cigars you choose, you will always have a superior smoking experience at an unbeatable price.

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