Avoid these blunders when smoking a cigar

The world of tobacco is so interesting and complex that even the simple fact of smoking is associated with a ritual, compliance with which is important to ensure full enjoyment of the moment. Actually, these are some practical guidelines whose compliance will help you avoid setbacks that, although slight, are better to avoid. Here we tell you some of them.

Cut too much cigar

Cutting a cigar is part of the ritual that many smokers carry out while enjoying their favorite smokes. The tip of a cigar contains a vegetable-based adhesive called gumma that prevents the tobacco wrapper from falling apart. Therefore, if you cut the head of the cigar too far, you risk the wrapper leaf falling off and also causing it to burn faster than intended. Typically, it should be cut just above the rounded shoulders of the cigar head.

Learning how to cut a cigar correctly ensures that every time you go to smoke one, you can start with a clean, smooth cut to prepare it.

Light the cigar with clean fire

Not all fire is created equal. The flame you use to light your cigar must be clean to prevent its impurities from passing into the tobacco. Therefore, it is advisable to use butane lighters or wooden matches. The best way to light it is to preheat it by placing the tip over the lighter, turning it slowly and making sure it doesn't directly touch the flame. When the edges of the wrapper are slightly darkened, the cigar is ready.

Cut the cigar in half to share

Cigars are not mixed symmetrically or evenly. The tobacco used for one end of the cigar can be different than the other end because, to ensure a dynamic and changing smoking experience from start to finish, the manufacturer places very specific tobaccos in different positions. So forget about that possibility if you don't want to ruin the enjoyment of your cigar.

Inhale the cigar

The enjoyment of a cigar occurs on the tongue because it is where the taste buds are located and it is precisely a matter of appreciating its flavor, aroma and resonance. Therefore, do not inhale the smoke because you would be tasting only a small part of the cigar that you are smoking. Besides, it could hurt you.

Inhaling too often

Inhaling too frequently can cause the cigar to overheat, which could lead to a bitter taste. One recommendation is to wait at least 30 seconds between puffs, to allow the cigar to stay fresh.

Put out the cigar

The best thing to do when you finish smoking the cigar is to place it in the ashtray and let it go out on its own. Crushing it out like a cigarette just opens up the binder and creates more plumes of smoke as a result.

Use the cigar box as a humidor

Although cigar boxes come sealed by the manufacturer, it will not keep your cigars fresh. The truth is that as soon as you open it, the cigars will begin to lose moisture. Keep that in mind to keep your cigars in good condition.

Putting a half-smoked cigar in the humidor

Once the cigar has been lit it begins to give off combustion aromas that can easily impregnate your humidor with odors that can be difficult to remove. Like clothes, humidors and cigars absorb aromas, which could contaminate the rest of the cigars that are stored there. Also, there is a chance that your humidor could be damaged. So never put a half-smoked cigar in your humidor.

Storing cigars in a refrigerator

A humidor provides your cigars with a temperature and humidity controlled environment, which has nothing to do with the dry cold of a refrigerator, designed to keep food cool, not moist. So never put your cigar in a refrigerator.


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