752 Filtered Cigars GREEN (Menthol)
752 Filtered Cigars GREEN (Menthol)

752 Filtered Cigars GREEN (Menthol)

Not for Sale.
Quantity: 10 Packs of 20 / Carton
Size: 3 7/8 x 20
Shape: Cigarillo
Made in: USA.

Small filtered cigars are becoming more and more popular and are enjoyed by cigar and cigarette enthusiasts alike due to the fact that they’re manageable in terms of size yet profoundly flavorful.  The 752 Filtered Cigars are an excellent choice, available in a variety of bold and satisfying flavors, and also highly affordable.  You can expect wonderfully smooth draws and layers of flavor notes while you puff away. 

The 752 Filtered Cigars are available in three different flavors.  Gold is a smooth, mild option while Red boasts a rich and robust favor profile.  Then, there’s a menthol flavor that’s cool and invigorating.

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