4 things you should know about the aging of cigars

The issue of cigar aging is complex and seems to have no end. However, it is worth remembering that, before the hands of the craftsman (torcedor/twister) make the cigar, each of the leaves that will be put together to form it, has gone through an aging process of at least two years.

This is just the beginning of a process that will continue to evolve gradually, over time, as long as the right conditions are maintained and the raw material meets certain requirements.

For those who want to get closer to this interesting world, there are several issues to consider. Next, we will answer some of the most important:

1. Is it necessary to age all cigars?

Although most of them, like quality wines, improve their flavor and aroma over time, this is not the case with all of them; some may even get worse.

The cigars that have been made to improve over time are the premium ones, made from long filler and expertly twisted by hand, with well-selected and processed quality leaves. It is good to know that, even though it is premium, not necessarily a cigar will taste better over time, because depending on the variety it may not add variations to the flavor or texture.

2. When does the aging time begin?

When the cigars have already been twisted, they are stored and left to rest for some time. They are then ringed and placed in boxes that are sealed and marked with the month and year of manufacture. From this moment, the age of the cigars contained in the box begins to be measured.

3. What are the optimal aging conditions?

As a cigar is an organic product, once made it continues to develop organic processes, the most important of which is fermentation. For this, a wooden box is used, made expressly to store cigars, which is known as a cigar humidor.

The manufacturing characteristics of these boxes allow the cigars to be kept in ideal humidity and temperature environments. The humidity should be between 65% and 72% and the temperature between 60°F and 73°F. Otherwise, the cigars lose their aroma and become damp or dry.

4. How long should they be aged?

Each cigar has a specific time that depends on the leaves used and its curing process. The maximum time that it can continue to be stored and improve its organoleptic qualities is also a subject with multiple hypotheses, not always coinciding, although there seems to be a consensus on the idea that, regardless of the maturation of each cigar, they should be kept in the humidor for at least less 6 months after purchase. There is also a general opinion that boxes of cigars that are less than two years old should not be bought.

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